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How to use the Auto Focus (AF) Micro Adjustment.

    IMPORTANT: Performing AF fine adjustment with a lens from another manufacturer can affect the adjustment values of Sony® and Konica Minolta™ lenses. This procedure should not be used with a lens from another manufacturer.

    NOTE: When you attach a lens that is registered on the camera, the registered value is displayed. When you attach an unregistered lens, 0 is displayed. If a dash (-) is displayed as the value, then a total of 30 lenses have been registered. When you want to register a new lens, attach a lens for which you can delete its registered value and adjust that value to 0. Alternatively, you can reset the values of all lenses by selecting Clear.

    1. Stabilize the camera using a tripod or by placing it on a stable surface.
    2. Choose a subject with good contrast as a focus point of reference.

      NOTE: You can use a lens alignment tool. There are a number of websites with instructions for how to make your own lens alignment tool. If you prefer, however, there are commercially available lens alignment tools, including:

    3. Set the aperture to the widest f-stop.
    4. Set the drive mode of the camera to Single Shooting.
    5. Use the Spot AF Area and make sure the subject is in the center.
    6. Take a picture to determine if the camera is focusing accurately on the subject.
      • If the camera is focusing in front of the subject it is front focusing.
      • If the camera is focusing behind the subject it is back focusing.
    7. On the camera body, press the MENU button.
    8. Use the Multi-selector to select the Setup Menu 2 option.
    9. Select AF Micro Adj.
    10. Select amount.  
    11. Select the desired value.
      • For a front focus issue, select (+) increment values. 
      • For a back focus issue, select (-) increment values.
    12. Take a picture and examine the results.
    13. If accurate focus is not achieved, select a different increment value.


    • We recommend that you decide the value under actual shooting conditions.
    • The larger the value, the farther the focusing position from the camera; the smaller the value, the nearer the focusing position to the camera.
    • AF fine adjustment cannot be performed when using Sony and Konica Minolta lenses that have the same specifications.


    If you are unable to use the AF Micro Adjustment, the camera body and lens can be sent to Sony for service.  Go to Product Repair.