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Can't open, view, or edit RAW images on my computer

    We recommend using Imaging Edge Desktop software to view or enhance RAW images transferred from your camera to a computer. You can develop and save your photos to common file formats, like JPEG and TIFF, with this program.

    Note: Imaging Edge Desktop software doesn't support PNG and DNG image formats. 

    Additionally, there are other methods to view and edit RAW files on your computer:

    • For compatibility with Adobe® Photoshop® or Lightroom® software, refer to the Cameras supported by Camera Raw article, which includes information on required versions and plug-ins.
      Note: If your camera is new, the RAW profile may not be in place. Use Imaging Edge Desktop software or wait until the profile is updated in the Adobe software.
    • For computers with Microsoft® Windows® operating systems, a RAW extension may be available that will allow RAW photos to open and display in Windows Explorer or Windows Photo Gallery in the same way as JPEG files. Visit the Microsoft Store for more information.

    Note: For Adobe, Microsoft, or any other non-Sony applications, compatibility is not guaranteed.