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How to clean and maintain your lenses?

    The following are needed when cleaning the camera body and lens by yourself.

    • Brush - This is used to wipe away dust and dirt on the camera body or lens. Use a large or small brush for the lens, whichever is appropriate.
    • Blower - This is used to blow away dust and dirt on or in the camera body or lens.
    • Cleaning cloth - This is used to wipe off dust and dirt on the camera body or lens. A cloth made of synthetic fibers, which can be washed and used over again, is recommended. It can easily remove oil transferred to the rear LCD from your nose.
    • Lens cleaner solution - An optional material used to wipe off excessive dust and dirt on the lens.


    To clean the camera body and lens, follow the steps below.

    1. Using a brush, remove any large dust, dirt, or other particles from the exterior of the camera and lens.
      • Use a large brush for the exterior and small brush for fine parts.
      • Gently remove dust from the entire exterior without applying excessive pressure.
    2. Still using a brush, remove dust from around the lens.
    3. Using a blower, blow away small dust and dirt particles from the small parts of the camera and the lens.
    4. Remove the lens cap.
    5. Still using a blower, blow away dust on the surface of the lens.Image
    6. Wipe the lens with a cleaning cloth.Image
    7. If particularly dirty, wet a soft cloth or lens tissue with lens cleaner solution and wipe in a circular motion from the center of the lens.

      IMPORTANT: Do not apply lens cleaner solution directly to the lens. Doing so may damage the lens.

    8. Attach the lens cap to prevent the lens from acquiring further dirt.