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Direct Upload (PlayMemories Camera App)

    Below is a list of common questions and answers about using the Direct Upload application and its bundled features.

    IMPORTANT: Direct Upload is only supported for installing on select Sony® camera models. Visit the website for information about supported cameras.

    • To which social media services can images be uploaded? Currently Facebook and PlayMemories Online social media is supported for uploading images. We plan to expand availability to other social media in the future.

      NOTE: The upload function for PlayMemories Online is only supported in the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France, and Japan.

    • What is the image size of uploaded images? The size is approximately 2 Megapixels; 1616 x 1080 for 3:2 images and 1920 x 1080 for 16:9 images. This is a fixed size and cannot be changed for uploading to the smartphone.
    • Can the camera remember my Facebook password? Yes it can. However, it may be necessary to re-enter your password if you sign out of the Facebook® social network or if the Facebook security system requires it.
    • Can the uploaded images to the Facebook social network or PlayMemories Online be view on the camera? It is not possible to view the images uploaded images on Facebook or PlayMemories Online using the camera. Instead, use a smartphone or computer to view the uploaded images.
    • Can I comment or mark Like on an image uploaded to the Facebook social network? It is not possible with the camera. Instead, use a smartphone or computer.
    • Can an album be created? Yes, but the album folder name will consist of the date, such as 2012-08-22. It is not possible to rename the album.
    • What is the Execution message that appears after selecting the X in the uploaded screen? The selected image will be deleted from the image list to be uploaded. It will be deleted from the list only and the image in the camera will remain.
    • Is there a maximum number of images that can be uploaded? Up to 100 images can be uploaded. Folders containing up to 100 images also can be uploaded. However, if a folder contains more then 100 images, the folder cannot be selected.
    • A message appears saying the connection failed when trying to upload. Make sure you are within range of your network or an available access point. If necessary, check your network settings.