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    Viewing camera information and changing settings (Cameras)

    You can view information and change settings for cameras added to your account and cameras linked with the cloud.

    • Cloud storage service may not be available and only cameras added to your account may be displayed, depending on your country or region.
    1. Access Creators' Cloud Web and select (Cameras).
      Creators' Cloud Web screen. "Cameras" in the upper left is highlighted.
    2. Perform your preferred operations.
      Camera List screen of Creators' Cloud Web. A and C are on the left side of the screen, from the top, and B is on the right side of the screen.
      • A. Camera linked with the cloud: If there are any cameras linked with the cloud, the registered camera is displayed. By selecting that camera, you can check the status and change the settings. (For cameras that can be linked with the cloud, refer to Creators' App support "Supported cameras".)
      • B. Selected camera: When a camera that is linked with the cloud is selected, the cloud function status is displayed. Click [Cloud Upload] to change the file format to be uploaded or the upload destination folder, etc.
      • C. Cameras added to your account: Click [Camera Added] to display a list of the cameras registered to your account. You can also add and delete cameras to and from your account.