Article ID : 00018998 / Last Modified : 07/29/2021

What Is the Electronic Front Curtain Shutter Function?

    The electronic front curtain shutter function is available on newer camera models. It shortens the time lag between shutter releases and helps reduce shutter noise when taking pictures. This function can be turned on or off under the camera menu settings.

    IMPORTANT:Not all cameras have the electronic front curtain shutter function. Check your camera manual for model-specific information.

    Operation with the Function Turned Off

    In general, focal plane shutters use two mechanical shutter curtains. The front and the rear curtain shutter which are located in front of the image sensor.

    In mirrorless and translucent mirror cameras, the shutter stays open during live-view mode before you take a picture. The front curtain closes when the shutter button is pressed, and then opens again to expose the image sensor to light for a given exposure time (shutter speed). The rear curtain closes after the given exposure time is done.

    • On slower shutter speeds, you may hear the shutter sound twice. One coming from the front curtain, and the other from the rear curtain shutter.

    Operation with the Function Turned On

    Instead of closing and opening the front curtain mechanically, an electronic curtain within the sensor closes and opens to start the exposure and finishes when the rear curtain closes.

    • You'll hear the rear curtain shutter sound only.


    • We recommend to turn this function off whenever you're shooting with fast shutter speeds, with a large diameter lens attached to prevent ghosting and blurring from happening.
    • Turn this function off when using a Konica Minolta™ lens to set a correct exposure and achieve an even image brightness.
    • A dark horizontal bar may appear on the image or clipping may occur when you shoot at high shutter speeds with the electronic front curtain function turned on.