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Can the date be recorded on an image?

    IMPORTANT: If your camera has the Write Date feature, you can superimpose the date directly to the still image.

    Write Date

    Follow the steps below to set the Write Date feature:

    1. Set the camera to Shooting mode.
    2. Press MENU.
    3. Select Settings.
    4. Select Shooting Settings.
    5. Select Write Date.
    6. Select desired mode.


    • Not all cameras are supplied with Write Date feature. To see if your camera has the Write Date feature, check the specifications. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • If the Write Date feature is set to on, the DATE mark will appear on the bottom right of the LCD screen while shooting. However, in some shooting modes that cannot record dates on images, the DATE mark will disappear.
    • If the Write Date feature is set to Off, this does not record a shooting date.
    • You cannot record dates in the following situations:
      • In Movie mode.
      • When shooting still images while recording a movie (Dual Rec).
      • When shooting panoramic images.
      • In burst shooting mode.
      • In Easy Mode.
      • In 3D Shooting mode.

      For more information about restrictions, refer to the manual of your camera.

      • If you shot images with the date once, you cannot delete the date from the images later.
      • The dates are doubly printed, if you set the camera to superimpose the dates when printing.
      • The recorded time of the image cannot be superimposed on the image.