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    Connecting the camera to Creators' App

    Connect the camera to Creators' App.

    • Follow the steps below in Creators' App to perform pairing. It is not possible to connect the camera by configuring the pairing settings of the smartphone.
    • You can make connection settings for up to five cameras, but only one camera can be used at a time.
    • The appearance varies depending on the smartphone used.

    Migrating from Imaging Edge Mobile to Creators' App
    If camera system software updates prevent you from using an existing Imaging Edge Mobile, you will need to migrate to Creators' App for the camera.
    Applicable models: ILCE-1 (Ver.2.00 or later), ILCE-7RM5 (Ver. 2.00 or later), ILCE-7SM3 (Ver.3.00 or later), ILCE-7M4 (Ver. 2.00 or later), ILME-FX3 (Ver. 3.00 or later), ILME-FX30 (Ver. 2.00 or later)

    • Confirm that the Imaging Edge Mobile icon is (Ver. 7.7.2 or later). If the icon is different, update to the latest version and start the app.
    • If you are using an iPhone/iPad, restart your iPhone/iPad (turn the power off and then turn it back on again) after updating the camera, and then connect the camera to Creators' App.

    How-to video (How to connect the camera and Creators' App)

    • smartphone icon : smartphone operation
    • camera icon : camera operation
    1. smartphone iconStart Creators' App and select [Connect with your camera].
      • If you previously connected another camera to Creators' App, open (the Cameras screen) and select (Add connected camera) at top right.
      App home screen. [Connect with your camera] is displayed at the top.
    2. smartphone iconAfter a screen is displayed for choosing a camera, select your camera and follow the instructions displayed.
      • You are asked here about access to location information, etc. This information is necessary for connection, so make sure to enable all items.
    3. camera iconWhen [Prepare your camera for connection] is displayed in Creators' App, select (Network) → [Cnct./PC Remote*] → [Smartphone Connection] from the camera menu.
      • When turning on the camera for the first time after purchase, skip this operation and proceed from step ④.
      • If you are asked [Set "Bluetooth Settings" to "On"?] midway through the process, tap [OK] to enable Bluetooth function.
      • * [Cnct./Remote Sht.] on some cameras.
    4. smartphone iconThe camera name is now displayed in Creators' App. Select [Pairing] to the right.
    5. smartphone iconcamera iconFollow the instructions that appear on the screens of the smartphone and camera, and perform the following camera-specific operations to establish a connection (via Bluetooth connection).
      When using Android, or when using the ILCE-1/7RM5/7SM3/7M4, ILME-FX3/FX30, or ZV-1F with an iPhone/iPad When using a model other than those listed above with an iPhone/iPad
    6. smartphone iconCheck the date, time, and other settings on the [Initial camera settings] screen, and select [Use above settings] if they are correct.
      • The smartphone's date, time, and other information is sent to the camera.

    This completes the Bluetooth pairing process. Once a Bluetooth connection is established, connection is automatic from the second time onward.
    In addition, a Wi-Fi connection is needed to perform image transfers or operations with the camera. Connection via Wi-Fi takes place automatically. (Refer to "Controlling cameras from Creators' App (Cameras Screen)")