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How to transfer video from the camcorder to a computer using Picture Motion Browser software 3.0.00.

    IMPORTANT: The Picture Motion Browser software must be installed on the computer before beginning the procedure below.

    1. Turn on the computer.
    2. Connect the camcorder to the computer with the USB cable.
    3. Turn on the camcorder.
    4. On the camcorder LCD screen, touch USB CONNECT.
    5. Start the Picture Motion Browser software.
    6. In the Picture Motion Browser window, click File.
    7. In the File menu, click Import Media Files.
    8. In the Import Media Files dialog box, under Select the source to import from:, click the down arrow to display the drop-down list.
    9. In the drop-down list, click to select Handycam/Computer (Disc).
    10. Click the OK button.

      NOTE: The Import Media Files window will appear. Depending on the amount of data recorded on the disc, it may take a minute or longer for the software to recognize and retrieve the information. During this period, the window will display Recognizing drive. Please wait... or Getting disc information. Please wait... Thumbnail images of the video clips will be displayed in the window when it is finished.

    11. In the Import Media Files window, click the Select All button.
    12. Click the Next button.
    13. Under Folder to be imported, ensure Save in a new folder is selected.

      NOTE: In the field just below Save in a new folder, you can type a different name for the folder. Otherwise, the name of the folder will be the date.

    14. Click the Import button.


      • The video transfer process will begin and an Importing Media Files window appears showing the progress of the transfer.
      • If a Picture Motion Browser window appears asking to analyze additional videos, click the Cancel button at this time. You can always use the Analyze All Videos function later from the Tools option in the software.