Article ID : 00070136 / Last Modified : 08/20/2019

How to use the huluPLUS app built in to the TV.

    IMPORTANT: This is a model-specific solution, if your model does not match the models listed under the Applicable Products and Categories or this article or the steps in this solution do not match what you see on your TV screen,  alternative steps may be required.

    Prior to following the steps in this solution make sure of the following:

    • The Internet video device must be connected to an active high-speed Internet connection.
    • Sign up for a huluPLUS account.
      NOTE: The use of huluPLUS™ will require a monthly subscription.
    1. Using the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
    2. Select Apps or APPLICATIONS.
    3. Select the huluPLUS icon.
    4. Select Login.
    5. Log in with your Email Address and Password.
      NOTE: This is the e-mail address and password used when the huluPLUS account was created.