Article ID : 00017456 / Last Modified : 07/23/2019

How to use the On Device Registration feature to register the Sony Internet video device.


    • Amazon service registration requires using an Internet browser on a computer or other Internet capable device, even when using On Device Registration.
    • On Device Registration is currently only available for Amazon Video on Demand. On Device Registration does not work with any other services at this time.
    1. Using the remote supplied with the Internet device, press the Home or Menu button.
    2. Select either the Internet Content icon or the Video icon.
    3. Select Amazon Video on Demand.
    4. Select Use Device.
    5. If you have an existing account, enter your login information and select Go!.

      NOTE:  If you do not have an account, accept Privacy Policy, then follow the on-screen steps to create an account.

    6. Type in purchase date information and select Submit.
    7. Accept or Decline Sony® special offers.

      NOTE: The Special offers option is only displayed when creating a new Essentials account. It is not displayed when you are registering your device to an existing Essentials Sony account.

    8. After successful registration, select Continue to access the Amazon service.

    Follow these steps to register your device to Amazon service.

    1. From the Amazon Video on Demand screen, click Link Account.

      NOTE: On some models, you may have to press the Options button and select Account to see the Link Account option.

    2. Write down the code provided.
    3. Using a computer go to
    4. Follow the steps on the screen to either Sign in to an existing account or Register a New Account.

      Register an Amazon account

    5. Use the code written down on step 2 to link the device with the Amazon account.

      Amazon Link a Device

    6. On the Registration Code box, enter the code and click Continue.