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How to re-register an Internet video device using a different email ID.

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IMPORTANT: Not all Blu-ray Disc® players or TVs have Internet capabilities. To see if your Blu-ray Disc player or TV has the functions discussed in this solution, check the specifications or supplied operations guide.

  1. Unlink the device.
    1. Turn off the Internet video device.
    2. Using a computer, go to the Sony® Essentials Web site and log in using the existing e-mail address.

      NOTE: If you have forgotten the e-mail address or the device had a previous owner, Please contact Sony Customer Care to speak with a customer service representative for further assistance.

    3. Click Manage Products.
    4. Click View Devices.
    5. To unlink the device, click the Unlink button.
  2. Re-link the device using the new account.
    1. Turn on the Internet video device.
    2. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
    3. Select Network.
    4. Select Activated Enhanced Features.
    5. Write down the 4-digit Registration code.
    6. Using a computer, go to the Sony Essentials Web site.
    7. Select Create an account.
    8. Follow the steps to create a new account using the desired e-mail address.
    9. Once the new account has been created, select Link device.
    10. Use the Registration code from step to link the device.