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How to get surround sound from the television through the home theater system.

    Depending on how you have your system connected, you may need to use an additional audio cable to send the sound from the TV to the home theater system speakers. If you have the HDMI OUT port of the home theater system connected to the HDMI IN port of the television, you need to connect an audio cable from the television back to the home theater system to get the sound to the home theater speakers.

    Follow these steps to get TV audio through home theater system speakers:

    1. Connect the composite cable from the Set-top box OUT, to the Television IN.
    2. Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI IN on the Television then to the HDMI OUT on the home theater system.
    3. Connect the composite audio cable from the Home Theater System IN to the Television OUT. Image

      NOTE:  If there is no analog Audio OUT on the back of the TV but the TV has a headphone jack, you can purchase a cable that goes from the headphone jack on the TV to the RCA IN jacks on the home theater system.

    4. Turn on the set-top box and tune to the desired channel.
    5. Turn on the television and set to the correct video input, for example, HDMI 1.
    6. In the audio menu of the television, set the Speaker option to OFF then select audio out to Fixed.
    7. Turn on the home theater system.
    8. On the home theater system remote, use the Function button to select the audio input to which the TV is connected, for example, DVD/CD.
    9. Once again, using the remote control for the home theater system, press the SET UP button.
    10. Select the Setup [FIG. 1] icon using the left or right arrows.
    11. Use the up or down arrows to select HDMI Audio.
    12. Press the ENTER [FIG. 2] button.
    13. Select either All or PCM then, press the ENTER [FIG. 2] button.

      IMPORTANT: The PCM setting should be selected when connecting a TV or home theater system that does not support Dolby® Digital or DTS technology only. Otherwise, noise or no sound may result.

    14. Press the Surround button on the home theater system remote until MULTI is selected on the home theater display panel. This will allow sound to all the speakers. Image
    15. Press the ENTER button, then the SET UP button to begin normal operation.