Article ID : 00091703 / Last Modified : 03/29/2019

Can't Stream Ultra High Definition 4K Netflix Video

    A slow network speed causes videos to start out at a lower resolution. This is part of normal operation of the Netflix® service and isn't a malfunction of your device. The video quality will adapt based on the network speed after a few moments of playback.

    If the issue still occurs, follow the steps below:

    • Make sure your TV meets the requirements needed to stream an Ultra High Definition (HD) or 4K video.

      Requirements to stream Ultra HD video.

    • Set the Netflix Data Usage Settings on your Netflix account to Auto.

      To set the Netflix Data Usage settings to Auto:

    • Make sure that the video you have selected is in Ultra HD video.


      • You can also search an Ultra HD video through the Netflix Search feature of the TV.
      • The steps and images below are taken from a TV model XBR-55X850D.

      To search an Ultra HD 4K video:

    • On the remote control, press the Display button to check the resolution of the video. Initially the resolution may not appear to be in 4K because of the slower internet speed. However, as the internet speed increases, the video will start to play at a higher resolution. Below is an example of this gradual increase in resolution:

      Netflix resolution increases


      Follow the steps below if the quality of the video doesn't improve after you allowed time for the internet speed to increase:

      • Connect your device to your modem with a wired connection.
      • Temporarily power off or disconnect other devices connected on the same network to check if the quality of the video will improve.

      If the steps above doesn't improve your internet connection, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for further assistance.