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The quality of the call is poor when using the Skype Internet video call feature.

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NOTE: Not all TVs and Blu-ray Disc™ players are supplied with the Skype™ Internet video call feature. Check the manual to see if your TV or Blu-ray Disc player has this feature. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

The call quality depends on the following three major factors:

  • The sender or the device making the call.
  • The network connection or high-speed Internet connection.
  • The receiver or device receiving the call.

The TV performance is fixed and limited to VGA (640 x 480) on the TV even if it is higher on the other device.

For information about the required Internet connection speeds visit the support section of the Skype website.

NOTE: Video and audio data is not routed through the Skype servers. It is a peer-to-peer connection. A significant network pipe for video communication is required from the TV or Blu-ray Disc player to the target user. Use the signal indicator icon  to check the performance of the call.

The Camera and Microphones for Skype, CMU-BR100 or CMU-BR200  (sold separately), feature a feedback-canceling microphone that ensures clear, undistorted voice quality that is free of echo. Unlike using Skype on a PC, you don't need to put on a headset to hear conversations. Voice quality is crisp and clear though your TV speakers; Sony’s unique feedback canceling microphone ensures you're heard clearly without echo.


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