Article ID : 00105859 / Last Modified : 07/10/2019

Picture or image issue when using the Netflix app

    The table below provides information and troubleshooting assistance for an instance where the image does not display as desired when watching a Netflix® video.

    Streaming Netflix video displays in low resolution.Verify Netflix settings
    Internet streaming video will only play back in standard definition (SD) quality.Verify system requirements and Network settings
    Internet streaming videos stop, pause, buffer, or the picture and sound quality is poor.A stable high-speed network connection is recommended
    When streaming Netflix Ultra HD, the image is not in 4K.Make sure that the device has been set up properly and that 4K content is being selected.
    The picture freezes and the TV turns off and on when trying to use the Netflix app.Force close the Netflix app then reboot the TV
    The Android™ TV screen turns black when I press certain buttons on the remote while using the Netflix app.As part of the normal operation, the blank screen will appear as the menu option loads.

    If the issue you are experiencing is not described above or for additional support with playing back a Netflix movie, visit the Netflix Help Center.