Article ID : 00022310 / Last Modified : 04/16/2019

Error: Cannot Connect to Netflix

    Follow the troubleshooting steps below if you receive any of the following error messages when you use the Netflix® service:

    • Cannot Connect to Netflix
    • Cannot reach
    • Netflix is Not Available
    • Netflix is Unavailable
    • Unable to Connect to Netflix
    • Android Error: Connection Failed
    • The service cannot be accessed at this time because server replied with an incorrect or invalid information.

    Troubleshoot your device

    Troubleshoot the Network Connection

    Troubleshoot the Netflix App

    If you followed all of the steps above and the issue still occurs, try to change the Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS to in the Network Setup of your device.

    Note: The DNS servers above are public servers provided by Google. Both are subject to the Google Terms of Service.