The software updates for certain older TV models have ended and are no longer available for download.

How to find out if your TV no longer has software updates available for download.

*Please include the dash in your model number (e.g. KDL-40EX400)

Your results: Software updates have not ended for the TV model you entered.

Your results: Software downloads have ended for the TV model you entered.

Model number Latest software version
XBR-75X940C 6.827
XBR-65X930C 6.827
XBR-75X910C 6.827
XBR-65X900C 6.827
XBR-55X900C 6.827
XBR-75X850C 6.827
XBR-65X850C 6.827
XBR-55X850C 6.827
XBR-49X830C 6.827
XBR-43X830C 6.827
XBR-65X810C 6.827
XBR-55X810C 6.827
XBR-65X800C 6.827
XBR-49X800C 6.827
XBR-75X940D 6.827
XBR-65X930D 6.827
XBR-55X930D 6.827
XBR-85X850D 6.827
XBR-75X850D 6.827
XBR-65X850D 6.827
XBR-55X850D 6.827
KDL-75W850C 6.827
KDL-65W850C 6.827
KDL-55W800C 6.827
KDL-50W800C 6.827
KDL-22EX308 Ver4.131
KDL-32BX305 Ver4.131
KDL-32EX305 Ver4.131
KDL-32EX306 Ver4.131
KDL-32EX308 Ver4.131
KDL-32EX405 Ver4.131
KDL-32EX407 Ver4.131
KDL-32EX40B Ver4.131
KDL-32EX507 Ver4.131
KDL-32EX605 Ver4.131
KDL-32EX607 Ver4.131
KDL-32EX700 Ver4.131
KDL-32EX705 Ver4.131
KDL-32EX707 Ver4.131
KDL-32EX710 Ver4.131
KDL-32EX715 Ver4.131
KDL-32EX717 Ver4.131
KDL-40BX405 Ver4.131
KDL-40EX405 Ver4.131
KDL-40EX406 Ver4.131
KDL-40EX407 Ver4.131
KDL-40EX40B Ver4.131
KDL-40EX505 Ver4.131
KDL-40EX507 Ver4.131
KDL-40EX605 Ver4.131
KDL-40EX607 Ver4.131
KDL-40EX700 Ver4.131
KDL-40EX703 Ver4.131
KDL-40EX705 Ver4.131
KDL-40EX707 Ver4.131
KDL-40EX710 Ver4.131
KDL-40EX715 Ver4.131
KDL-40EX717 Ver4.131
KDL-40HX701 Ver4.131
KDL-40HX800 Ver4.131
KDL-40NX700 Ver4.131
KDL-40NX705 Ver4.131
KDL-46EX405 Ver4.131
KDL-46EX505 Ver4.131
KDL-46EX507 Ver4.131
KDL-46EX605 Ver4.131
KDL-46EX607 Ver4.131
KDL-46EX700 Ver4.131
KDL-46EX701 Ver4.131
KDL-46EX703 Ver4.131
KDL-46EX705 Ver4.131
KDL-46EX707 Ver4.131
KDL-46EX710 Ver4.131
KDL-46EX711 Ver4.131
KDL-46EX715 Ver4.131
KDL-46EX717 Ver4.131
KDL-46HX701 Ver4.131
KDL-46HX800 Ver4.131
KDL-46NX700 Ver4.131
KDL-46NX705 Ver4.131
KDL-46NX800 Ver4.131
KDL-52EX700 Ver4.131
KDL-52EX701 Ver4.131
KDL-52EX703 Ver4.131
KDL-52EX705 Ver4.131
KDL-52EX707 Ver4.131
KDL-52NX800 Ver4.131
KDL-55EX505 Ver4.131
KDL-55EX710 Ver4.131
KDL-55EX711 Ver4.131
KDL-55EX717 Ver4.131
KDL-55HX701 Ver4.131
KDL-55HX800 Ver4.131
KDL-60EX505 Ver4.131
KDL-60EX700 Ver4.131
KDL-60EX701 Ver4.131
KDL-60EX703 Ver4.131
KDL-60EX705 Ver4.131
KDL-60NX800 Ver4.131
KDL-60NX801 Ver4.131
XBR-46HX909 Ver4.131
XBR-52HX909 Ver4.131
XBR-52LX900 Ver4.131
XBR-52LX905 Ver4.131
XBR-60LX900 Ver4.131
XBR-60LX905 Ver4.131
KDL-40NX715 Ver5.06
KDL-46NX715 Ver5.06
KDL-40NX710 Ver5.060
KDL-40NX711 Ver5.060
KDL-40NX717 Ver5.060
KDL-46NX710 Ver5.060
KDL-46NX711 Ver5.060
KDL-46NX717 Ver5.060
KDL-46NX810 Ver5.060
KDL-55NX810 Ver5.060
KDL-55NX817 Ver5.060
KDL-60NX810 Ver5.060
KDL-60NX817 Ver5.060
KDL-32CX520 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-32EX421 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-32EX520 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-32EX521 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-32EX523 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-32EX720 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-32EX723 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-32EX729 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-40CX520 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-40EX520 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-40EX521 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-40EX523 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-40EX620 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-40EX621 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-40EX720 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-40EX723 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-40EX729 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-40NX720 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-46EX520 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-46EX521 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-46EX523 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-46EX620 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-46EX621 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-46EX720 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-46EX723 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-46EX729 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-46HX729 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-46HX820 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-46NX720 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-55EX620 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-55EX621 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-55EX720 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-55EX723 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-55HX729 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-55HX820 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-55NX720 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-60EX720 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-60EX723 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-60NX720 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-65HX729 PKG4.027AAA
XBR-46HX929 PKG4.027AAA
XBR-55HX920 PKG4.027AAA
XBR-55HX929 PKG4.027AAA
XBR-65HX929 PKG4.027AAA
KDL-32CX527 PKG4.027GTA
KDL-32EX427 PKG4.027GTA
KDL-32EX527 PKG4.027GTA
KDL-32EX727 PKG4.027GTA
KDL-40CX527 PKG4.027GTA
KDL-40EX527 PKG4.027GTA
KDL-40EX727 PKG4.027GTA
KDL-40NX727 PKG4.027GTA
KDL-46EX527 PKG4.027GTA
KDL-46EX727 PKG4.027GTA
KDL-46NX727 PKG4.027GTA
KDL-55EX727 PKG4.027GTA
KDL-55HX827 PKG4.027GTA
XBR-55HX927 PKG4.027GTA
XBR-65HX927 PKG4.027GTA
KDL-22BX327 Ver2.27
KDL-32BX327 Ver2.27
KDL-32BX328 Ver2.27
KDL-32BX427 Ver2.27
KDL-40BX427 Ver2.27
KDL-46BX427 Ver2.27
KDL-32EX550 PKG2.120AAA
KDL-32EX650 PKG2.120AAA
KDL-32EX651 PKG2.120AAA
KDL-32HX750 PKG2.120AAA
KDL-40EX650 PKG2.120AAA
KDL-40EX651 PKG2.120AAA
KDL-40HX750 PKG2.120AAA
KDL-46EX650 PKG2.120AAA
KDL-46EX651 PKG2.120AAA
KDL-46HX750 PKG2.120AAA
KDL-46HX751 PKG2.120AAA
KDL-46HX850 PKG2.120AAA
KDL-55HX750 PKG2.120AAA
KDL-55HX751 PKG2.120AAA
KDL-55HX850 PKG2.120AAA
XBR-55HX950 PKG2.120AAA
XBR-65HX950 PKG2.120AAA
KDL-26EX555 PKG2.120BRA
KDL-32EX555 PKG2.120BRA
KDL-32EX655 PKG2.120BRA
KDL-32HX755 PKG2.120BRA
KDL-32NX655 PKG2.120BRA
KDL-40EX655 PKG2.120BRA
KDL-40HX752 PKG2.120BRA
KDL-40HX755 PKG2.120BRA
KDL-40NX655 PKG2.120BRA
KDL-46EX655 PKG2.120BRA
KDL-46HX752 PKG2.120BRA
KDL-46HX755 PKG2.120BRA
KDL-46HX855 PKG2.120BRA
KDL-55HX755 PKG2.120BRA
KDL-55HX855 PKG2.120BRA
XBR-65HX955 PKG2.120BRA
KDL-32EX557 PKG2.120GAA
KDL-32EX657 PKG2.120GAA
KDL-32HX757 PKG2.120GAA
KDL-40EX657 PKG2.120GAA
KDL-40HX757 PKG2.120GAA
KDL-46EX657 PKG2.120GAA
KDL-46HX757 PKG2.120GAA
KDL-46HX857 PKG2.120GAA
KDL-55HX757 PKG2.120GAA
KDL-55HX857 PKG2.120GAA
XBR-55HX957 PKG2.120GAA
XBR-65HX957 PKG2.120GAA
KDL-24R400A v1.012
KDL-32R400A v1.012
KDL-32R421A v1.012
KDL-40R450A v1.012
KDL-40R471A v1.012
KDL-46R450A v1.012
KDL-46R453A v1.012
KDL-46R471A v1.012
KDL-40EX640 v1.245
KDL-46EX640 v1.245
KDL-55EX640 v1.245
KDL-40EX645 v1.557
KDL-46EX641 v1.557
KDL-46EX645 v1.557
KDL-50EX645 v1.557
KDL-55EX645 v1.557
KDL-60EX640 v1.557
KDL-60EX645 v1.557
KDL-40BX450 v2.007
KDL-40BX451 v2.007
KDL-46BX450 v2.007
KDL-46BX451 v2.007
KDL-24R425A Ver1.12
KDL-32R424A Ver1.12
KDL-32R425A Ver1.12
KDL-39R475A Ver1.12
KDL-42R474A Ver1.12
KDL-42R475A Ver1.12
KDL-46R475A Ver1.12
KDL-22EX357 Ver3.503
KDL-32EX357 Ver3.503
KDL-32EX358 Ver3.503
KDL-40EX457 Ver3.503
KDL-40EX458 Ver3.503
KDL-24R425A Ver1.12
KDL-32R424A Ver1.12
KDL-39R475A Ver1.12
KDL-42R474A Ver1.12
KDL-42R475A Ver1.12
KDL-46R475A Ver1.12
KDL-32W600A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-32W650A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-42W650A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-42W651A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-42W800A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-42W801A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-46W700A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-46W950A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-47W800A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-47W801A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-47W802A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-50W650A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-50W700A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-55W800A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-55W801A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-55W802A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-55W900A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-55W950A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-65W850A PKG4.600AAA
XBR-55X850A PKG4.600AAA
XBR-55X900A PKG4.600AAA
XBR-65X850A PKG4.600AAA
XBR-65X900A PKG4.600AAA
KDL-32W605A PKG4.600BRA
KDL-32W655A PKG4.600BRA
KDL-42W655A PKG4.600BRA
KDL-42W805A PKG4.600BRA
KDL-46W705A PKG4.600BRA
KDL-46W955A PKG4.600BRA
KDL-47W805A PKG4.600BRA
KDL-50W655A PKG4.600BRA
KDL-50W705A PKG4.600BRA
KDL-55W805A PKG4.600BRA
KDL-55W955A PKG4.600BRA
XBR-55X855A PKG4.600BRA
XBR-55X905A PKG4.600BRA
XBR-65X905A PKG4.600BRA
KDL-42W656A PKG4.600BRB
KDL-32W607A PKG4.600GAA
KDL-42W657A PKG4.600GAA
KDL-42W807A PKG4.600GAA
KDL-46W707A PKG4.600GAA
KDL-46W957A PKG4.600GAA
KDL-47W807A PKG4.600GAA
KDL-50W657A PKG4.600GAA
KDL-50W707A PKG4.600GAA
KDL-55W807A PKG4.600GAA
KDL-55W957A PKG4.600GAA
XBR-55X907A PKG4.600GAA
XBR-65X907A PKG4.600GAA
KDL-50R550A v5.414
KDL-60R520A v5.414
KDL-60R550A v5.414
KDL-60R551A v5.414
KDL-70R520A v5.414
KDL-70R550A v5.414
KDL-70R551A v5.414
KDL-50R557A v8.406
KDL-60R557A v8.406
KDL-70R557A v8.406
KDL-50R555A v9.406
KDL-60R555A v9.406
KDL-70R555A v9.406
KDL-32R420B v4.114
KDL-32R430B v4.114
KDL-40R470B v4.114
KDL-40R480B v4.114
KDL-48R470B v4.114
KDL-32R435B v7.015
KDL-40R485B v7.015
KDL-48R485B v7.015
KDL-40W607B PKG3.003GAA
KDL-48W607B PKG3.003GAA
KDL-50W807B PKG3.003GAA
KDL-55W807B PKG3.003GAA
KDL-55W957B PKG3.003GAA
KDL-60W607B PKG3.003GAA
KDL-60W857B PKG3.003GAA
KDL-70W857B PKG3.003GAA
XBR-55X857B PKG3.003GAA
XBR-65X857B PKG3.003GAA
XBR-65X907B PKG3.003GAA
XBR-79X907B PKG3.003GAA
XBR-85X957B PKG3.003GAA
NSZ-GU1 REL06_NSZGU1_U_ota2009_139330_20140325_URSC_S67254
NSZ-GS7 REL11_NSZGS7_U2_2205_136372_20130821_URSC_S67254
NSZ-GS8 REL11_NSZGS7_U2_2205_136372_20130821_URSC_S67254
NSX-24GT1 version OGM V3.2_2012091701
NSX-32GT1 version OGM V3.2_2012091701
NSX-40GT1 version OGM V3.2_2012091701
NSX-46GT1 version OGM V3.2_2012091701
NSZ-GT1 version OGM V3.2_2012091701
KDL-32W700B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-40W580B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-40W590B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-40W600B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-40W700C PKG3.004AAA
KDL-42W700B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-42W800B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-48W580B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-48W590B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-48W600B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-48W700C PKG3.004AAA
KDL-50W700B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-50W790B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-50W800B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-55W700B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-55W790B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-55W800B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-55W950B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-55X830B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-60W610B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-60W630B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-60W840B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-60W850B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-65W950B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-65X830B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-70W830B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-70W840B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-70W850B PKG3.004AAA
KDL-70X830B PKG3.004AAA
XBR-49X850B PKG3.004AAA
XBR-55X800B PKG3.004AAA
XBR-55X850B PKG3.004AAA
XBR-55X900B PKG3.004AAA
XBR-65X800B PKG3.004AAA
XBR-65X850B PKG3.004AAA
XBR-65X900B PKG3.004AAA
XBR-65X950B PKG3.004AAA
XBR-70X850B PKG3.004AAA
XBR-79X900B PKG3.004AAA
XBR-85X950B PKG3.004AAA
  • If software downloads have not ended for your model, .
  • If software downloads have ended for your model, compare the latest software version listed in the results to the one installed on your TV.
    • If the version on your TV is equal to or higher than the one listed, your TV already has the latest software installed.
    • If the version on your TV is lower than the one listed, and you wish to update to the latest software, please  Contact the Product Support team  for assistance.
      Note: If you haven't experienced issues with your TV, you may not need to update the software.

How to check your current TV software version