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Can't operate the camera using a Bluetooth remote control or grip

    Perform the following steps to confirm.

    Step 1 Check if the camera supports Bluetooth® remote control.

    Based on the Bluetooth remote control, click the link to verify if your camera is compatible. If the camera is not listed, it can't be used with Bluetooth remote control.

    Step 2 Check if the camera settings have been configured.

    If using the remote control or Shooting Grip via Bluetooth for the first time, the unit must be paired with the camera. If already paired, then the Bluetooth function must be ON.


    On the camera:

    1. Select MENU (Network) → Bluetooth Settings or BluetoothBluetooth FunctionOn. Turns on the Bluetooth function:
    2. Select MENU (Network) → Bluetooth Settings or BluetoothPairing. Activates the pairing mode on the camera.

    On the GP-VPT2BT Shooting Grip or RMT-P1BT Bluetooth Remote Commander (as examples):

    1. Set the pairing mode.
      • GP-VPT2BT Shooting Grip
        Press and firmly hold down the PHOTO button (A) and the Zoom button on the T side (B) for at least 7 seconds.
      • RMT-P1BT Bluetooth Remote Commander
        Press and firmly hold down the Shutter-release/REC button (D) and either of the Focus/Zoom buttons (C) on the remote control for at least 7 seconds.
    2. After holding down the buttons for 7 seconds, the red lamp on the Shooting Grip or remote commander flashes slowly and Allow pairing with the device? is displayed on the camera.
      • Select OK within 10 seconds after the message appears.

        Note: After 10 seconds, the message Perform pairing from the device to be connected. reappears, so it is necessary to repeat the procedure again starting with setting the pairing mode on the camera.

    3. Paired. is displayed on the camera when pairing is complete.

      Note: If the unit is paired, the Bluetooth remote option must also be ON for operation.

    Step 3 If remote control operation is not possible even though the Bluetooth function on the camera is ON and pairing has been done (red lamp on remote control flashing rapidly, etc.):

    From the Network menu, set Bluetooth remote control to On.

    • Note: On some cameras, Bluetooth Rmt Ctr appears under Transfer/Remote on the Network menu.

    If the remote control was used with a different camera, it must be paired again to use it with the original camera.

    Remote control operation

    1. On the camera, select MENU (Network) → (Transfer/Remote →) Bluetooth Rmt CtrlOn.
    2. Operation using the remote control is now enabled.
    3. After shooting using the remote control is finished, select MENU (Network) → Transfer/RemoteBluetooth Rmt CtrlOff on the camera.