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How to create Recovery Media using a USB Flash Drive.

    Recovery Media can be created using a USB Flash Drive which can give you the ability to restore your computer in the event of a storage device failure, system malfunction, or to start a VAIO Care Rescue procedure when the computer cannot start properly. This procedure will assist you in making Recovery Media using a USB Flash Drive.

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    IMPORTANT: Recovery Media creation using a USB Flash Drive is only supported on VAIO® computers released in the Fall of 2010 or later. VAIO computers released before the Fall of 2010 do not have the hardware and software required to allow a USB Flash Drive to be recognized as appropriate for Recovery Media creation.

    Before the Recovery Media can be created, you will need to be aware of the following requirements and conditions:

    • Computer Requirements:
      • Ensure that VAIO Care™ software version 6.3 or higher is installed. Downloads are posted on your model support page.  
      • Verify that the computer is connected to and using AC power. This procedure cannot be completed while the computer is using battery power.
    • USB Flash Drive Requirements and Conditions:
      • Use the highest quality USB flash drive available to create your Recovery Media.
      • Verify that the USB flash drive has at least 11GB of data storage space available before starting the Recovery Media creation process.
      • USB 3.0 is not supported.
      • USB external hard drives are not supported.
      • In order to be supported, the USB flash drive must appear in the Computer section as a removable drive.
      • Once the Recovery Media has been created on the USB flash drive, the drive should not be used to store any additional data.
      • Once the Recovery Media has been created, do not attempt to delete files from the drive.
    1. Click the Start button, click All Programs, and then click VAIO Care.

      NOTE: If prompted for an administrator password or a User Account Control prompt is displayed, type the appropriate password, click Continue or click Yes.

    2. In the VAIO Care window, click Recovery & Restore.
    3. Below Recovery & Restore, click Recovery.
    4. In theRecovery screen, click Create Recovery Media.
    5. In the Create Recovery Media window, click Next. Image
    6. In the Select media type window, click USB flash drive. Image
    7. Connect a USB flash drive that meets the storage requirements.


      • If your media does not meet all the requirements, the Create Media button will not be available and you will be prompted to make the appropriate corrections before the Recovery Media process can begin.
      • Make sure to use an empty USB flash drive, or backup and remove all current data on the drive ahead of time, because all data on the drive will be deleted during the Recovery Media creation process.
    8. In the Plug in and select the USB flash drive window, allow a moment for the flash drive to be recognized, then click to select that flash drive, then click Next. Image
    9. In the Start creating Recovery Media window, click the Create Media button. Image

      NOTE: If you wish to verify the Recovery Media image as it is being written to the flash drive, click to place a check in the box next to Verify my media was created correctly (slower) before clicking the Create Media button.

    10. At the Shut down your computer to complete Recovery Media prompt, click the OK button. Image
    11. Once the computer has restarted, remove and appropriately label the USB flash drive.

      NOTE: To test the flash drive to make sure the Recovery Media is present and working, restart the computer and at the VAIO logo screen, press the F11 key one time. If the VAIO Care Rescue screen appears, the Recovery Media is present and working.

    12. Place the newly created USB flash drive Recovery Media in a secure location for future use.