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How to enable the Windows ReadyBoost feature.

    Follow these steps to enable the Windows ReadyBoost™ feature.

    IMPORTANT: This information applies only to computers using the operating systems listed below this article in the Applicable Products and Categories section.


    1. Connect and install the storage device as per the manufacturer's instructions.
    2. Click on the Start button, and then click Computer.

      NOTE: Locate the Removable Disk or Flash Memory drive on which you would like to setup the Windows ReadyBoost feature.

    3. In the Computer window, click to select the Removable Disk or Flash memory drive.
    4. On the toolbar, click the Properties button.
    5. In the Properties window, click the ReadyBoost tab.

      NOTE: If the Readyboost tab is not available, the storage device does not support this feature.

    6. On the Readyboost tab, click to select Use this device.
    7. Under Use this device, use the slider bar to choose the amount of memory to be used by the Windows Readyboost feature.
    8. Click the OK button.
    9. Close the Computer window.