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How to troubleshoot blue screen Stop Error messages

    1.   Reset the computer's BIOS  to the default values.
    2. Turn off the computer.
    3. Remove any recently added hardware, defective memory or other devices that may cause this issue.

      IMPORTANT: Ensure any hardware added is supported by the operating system.

    4. Start the computer in Safe mode .
    5. Perform a system restore on the computer.
    6. Remove any recently updated or installed drivers .
    7. Restore the last known good configuration .
    8. Check the drive for errors.
    9. Check the Microsoft® support Web site at to see if a service pack update is available to resolve the issue.
    10. Ensure all Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) devices are properly terminated and connected and that they do not have conflicting SCSI IDs.

      NOTE: If a SCSI adapter is installed, contact the manufacturer for updated operating system device drivers before reinstalling the adapter.

    11. Perform a system recovery on the computer.