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What is Intel Anti-Theft Technology?

    What is Intel® Anti-Theft Technology, and how does it relate to Sony®? Intel Anti-Theft is a hardware based security feature that is built into select Sony VAIO computers.

    Please refer to the Intel Anti-Theft Service User Guide, to setup the service. This will allow you to lock down your Computer if it is lost or stolen so that no one can use it.

    Who supports the Intel Anti-Theft Technology? Intel will provide the support for the setup and for any troubleshooting.

    If the computer requires repair:

    NOTE: Please Suspend the Intel Anti-Theft prior to repair.

    • You can provide the login information to Sony and we can perform the Suspend process.
    • You must contact Intel for support if unable to Suspend the Intel Anti-Theft.
    • The VAIO Computer will not be repaired if you refuse to Suspend the Intel Anti-Theft.
    • If the motherboard is replaced, you will be required to update the Intel Anti-Theft Registration.