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Does the VAIO Care 7 application include any information about the VAIO software installed on the computer?

    The VAIO Care application includes a section called Learn about VAIO Programs that provides specific information and descriptions of each Sony® software application. In some cases, a short tutorial may also be included.

    1. Click the Start button, click All Programs, and then click VAIO Care.
    2. In the VAIO Care window, click VAIO Software. Image
    3. In the VAIO Software screen, click Learn about VAIO Programs. Image
    4. In the Learn about VAIO Programs screen, click to select the desired category or specific function. Image

      NOTE: The Learn about VAIO Programs screen includes the following categories;

      • TV
      • Others
      • Photo / Video
      • Music
      • CD/DVD/BD
      • Internet / Mail
      • Home Network
      • Fun and Useful
      • Easy settings tools
    5. In the Learn about VAIO Programs click to select a program to learn more about that specific application. Image


    • Some selected applications will only have information and a description of what the software does, while other may also provide a quick tutorial.
    • If a tutorial is provided, click the Play icon to start the tutorial. Image
    • You can also launch the selected application by clicking on the Open button. Image