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What is the Windows Spotlight feature?

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    Windows Spotlight is a feature of the Windows® 10 operating system that will show you images from the Microsoft® Bing® homepage, and let you vote if you want to use one of those images for the lock screen background. This allows Windows Spotlight to tailor the look of the lock screen for the preferences of each user.

    Windows Spotlight can also learn from the apps you have installed and the services you use, and over time, give you recommendations as to which apps you may want to check out, or what features of the Windows 10 operating system you might be missing out on.

    Follow these steps to see the Windows Spotlight feature in action.

    1. On the taskbar, in the Search field next to the Start button, type Lock Screen and then press the Enter key.
    2. In the PERSONALIZATION window, under Background, click the down arrow and then click to select Windows spotlight.


    3. Click the X in the upper right corner to close the PERSONALIZATION window.
    4. Simultaneously press the Windows logo + L keys to lock the screen.
    5. In the upper-right corner of the Lock screen, place the mouse cursor over the Like what you see icon and you will be given two options:
      1. I like it! - Click this option if you like the image displayed, want to keep it as the background, and want to see similar image options to choose from in the future.
      2. Not a fan. - Click this option if you do not like the background image and want to see more image options.

        Like what you see

    6. Windows Spotlight will remember your preference, and over time, provide you new image recommendations base on your selections.

    NOTE: From time to time you will also see an icon appear in the upper-left corner of the Lock screen. This is Windows Spotlight giving you a prompt to look at a feature in the Windows 10 operating system or recommendation for an app you might want to check out.