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The battery does not charge or last as long as the specifications say it should.


    • The advertised battery life specifications are estimated times only and will vary depending on usage.
    • Only genuine Sony® batteries are supported for use in Sony VAIO® computers.
    • Ensure that all BIOS or battery application updates available for your model have been downloaded and installed from the the Sony Support Web Site. Downloads are posted on your model support page.

    NOTE: Extended life batteries for some models may be available for purchase at the Sony Store®.

    Please contact a local or online authorized retailer to purchase a Sony product.

    For customers in the United States:

    The Sony Store will provide pricing and availability information.

    Sony notebook computers use the Business Applications Performance Corporation (BAPCo) MobileMark benchmark test to determine battery life specifications for each model computer. The BAPCo MobileMark benchmark test states, in part, the following:

    The display brightness should be measured for a white screen while on battery and be set at the lowest possible setting, no lower than 60 nits. The 60 nit level was chosen as a reasonable “middle” setting, bright enough for the display to be viewed in a common office environment, but not too bright for a darkened room. An easy way to get a white screen is to open Microsoft Paint in a full screen mode using a blank document just prior to running the test.

    Because Sony notebook computers ship with the default display brightness set to full and the BAPCo standards test for battery life at a lower display brightness setting, as shipped the computer may have a shorter battery life than listed in the specifications.

    While display brightness is a major contributor to shortened battery life, it is not the only reason. Examples of other activities that can and will reduce battery life are: Wireless and Internet connections, graphic intensive application usage, internal optical drive usage, external peripheral usage, environmental conditions (such as extreme heat or cold), and the hardware and software configurations being utilized.

    Follow these suggestions to help maximize the battery life:

    NOTE: Not all of the following options are available on every notebook model. For information specific to your computer, refer to the user guide. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    • Lower the screen brightness.
    • Enable a battery optimized power scheme in the operating system or the VAIO Power Management application.
    • Limit the use of the internal optical drive, such as playing DVDs.
    • Limit the use of graphic intensive applications, such as video games.
    • Limit the use of peripheral devices, such as external hard drives or optical drives, printers, PC cards, flash drives, and handheld devices.
    • Lower the CPU speed.
    • Change the performance selector to stamina mode.

      NOTE: The stamina mode setting is only available on select series of notebooks computers. To determine if your model has the stamina mode setting, consult the specifications of the computer. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    If the battery is not holding a charge or charging at all, follow these troubleshooting steps and then monitor the battery charging status.

    1. Verify that a Sony genuine battery is being used.
    2. Ensure the power profile or power scheme is set for optimized battery life.
    3. Lower the screen brightness.
    4. Ensure there are no programs running and that there are no active wireless or Internet connections.
    5. Disconnect all peripherals and eject any CD/DVD/BD disks.
    6. Allow the battery to charge for at least one hour and then check the status.

    If you have completed all of the troubleshooting steps above and the battery is not charging, the battery may require replacement.  Go to Parts and Accessories