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Sony® DVD Handycam® DVD+RW 8cm Disc Frequently Asked Questions for VAIO® Computers

    VAIO® Computer Compatibility

    These questions are applicable to DVD+RW discs recorded on the following DVD Handycam Models: DCR-DVD92, DVR-DVD103, DVR-DVD203, DVR-DVD403, DCR-DVD7.

    1.1 Will 8cm DVD+RW discs recorded by the DVD Handycam® play on a VAIO computer?

    • Only VAIO computers manufactured after April 2004 supports the playback of a DVD+RW 8cm disc. Please refer to Appendix A for a list of VAIO models that plays 8cm DVD+RW discs.

    1.2 Why does the image recorded on a DVD+RW not play back in the wide aspect ratio (16:9) "letterbox" aspect ratio that it was recorded in?

    • As of March 2005, there is no confirmed software that recognizes the wide aspect ratio (16:9) recorded on a DVD+RW disc.

    1.3 Images recorded in wide aspect ratio (16:9) on DVD+RW media are not present in the correct aspect ratio when played back on my computer. What should I do?

    • If you use WinDVD® or PowerDVD® preinstalled on VAIO® computers, you can display the images in wide aspect ratio (16:9) by changing the software settings. Please refer to your DVD playback software User Guide.

    1.4 Can I play an 8cm DVD+RW disc on my VAIO computer if it is finalized?

    • No, finalized 8cm DVD+RW discs will not play on VAIO computers.

    1.5 My computer was purchased before April 2004 will Sony be providing an upgrade service so that my VAIO® computer can play back a DVD+RW 8cm disc?

    • We have no plans to provide the upgrade. If you wish to play back a disc recorded by the new DVD Handycam on your VAIO®, we recommend using a DVD-RW or DVD-R 8cm disc.

    1.6 I have already recorded on a DVD+RW 8cm disc. How can I play it back?

    • Copy the contents of the 8 cm DVD+RW disc to a standard DVD-R/RW disc using Picture Package supplied with the DVD Handycam. For details about the Picture Package operation, please contact Pixela User Support Center.

    1.7 Is image quality affected when the contents of a DVD+RW disc is copied to a DVD-RW disc using Picture Package?

    • Images are transferred as digital data from a DVD+RW disc to the computer, so there is no deterioration in the image quality. No encoding or decoding occurs during the transfer process from a DVD+RW to the computer. Since Picture Package works with digital data, the image quality does not deteriorate during the transfer process.

    1.8 What other Sony products can play 8cm DVD+RW discs?

    • Standard 8cm DVD+RW discs recorded by the DVD Handycam® can be played back on Sony DVD players and/or recorders identified on the Compatibility list (attached as Appendix B).

    1.9 Why does the VAIO peripheral PCGA-DDRW1, which was released before April 2004, support 8cm DVD+RW playback?

    • Standard 8cm DVD+RW playback capability depends on the specifications of the adopted DVD drive. Among the products released before April 2004, the PCGA-DDRW1 is the only model that we have confirmed playback compatibility with 8cm DVD+RW discs.

    1.10 Would there be any damage if you try to play back 8cm DVD+RW discs on VAIO Computers released before April 2004?

    • There would be no damage to the disc or the product. The product would simply not play back the disc.

    Appendix A
    VAIO Models that support playback of DVD+RW 8cm disc
    Desktop systems Notebook Systems  
    VGC-RA series VGN-A series  
    VGC-RB series VGN-S series  
    VGC-V series VGN-T series  
    PCV-RS600 series VGN-B Series  
    PCV-RS700 series VGN-X505ZP*  
    PCV-W700 series VGN-FS series  
    PCV-V300 series PCG-K2/3/4 series  
      PCG-TR5 series  
    *dependent on the external optical drive

    Appendix B
    Compatibility List
    Sony DVD Players
    DVP-S7000 DVP-C675D DVP-775V
    DVP-S3000 DVP-CX870D DVP-NS325
    DVP-S500D DVP-CX860 DVP-NC555ES
    DVP-C600D DVP-S900ES DVP-NS685V
    DVP-S300 DVP-NS300 DVP-NS725P
    DVP-S7700 DVP-NS400D DVP-NC625
    DVP-C650D DVP-NS500V DVP-NC665P
    DVP-S550D DVP-NS700P DVP-PQ2
    DVP-S330 DVP-NS900V DVP-NS425P
    DVP-530D DVP-F21 DVP-NC675P
    DVP-S360 DVP-NC600 VP-NS975HD
    DVP-S500D DVP-CX860 DVP-NC555ES
    DVP-S350 DVP-CX875 DVP-NS775V
    DVP-S363 DVP-NS999ES DVP-NC875V
    DVP-S7700 DVP-F25 DVP-NS50P
    DVP-S560D DVP-NC615 DVP-NS41P
    DVP-S565D DVP-NC655P DVP-NC60P
    DVP-S570D DVP-NS715P DVP-NC80V
    DVP-C660 DVP-NS315 DVP-NS70H
    DVP-NC650 DVP-NS415 DVP-NS90V
    DVP-C670D DVP-PQ1  
    DVD Players + VHS Combo Model
    SLV-D100 SLV-D350P SLV-D360P
    SLV-D300P SLV-D550P SLV-D560P
    SLV-D201P SLV-D251P SLV-D261P
    Portable DVD Players
    PBD-V30 DVP-F5  
    LCD Portable DVD Players
    DVP-FX1 DVP-FX701  
    DVP-FX700 DVP-FX1021  
    DVD Recorders
    DVP-FX1 DVP-FX701  
    LCD Portable DVD Players
    RDR-GX7 RDR-GX300 RDR-HX900
    DVD Recorders + VHS Combo Model