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Can data or files on a hard disk drive be recovered if deleted, or if the drive has been formatted, damaged or corrupted?

    If data or files have been deleted from a hard disk drive, or if the drive has been formatted, damaged or corrupted, the data and files cannot be recovered using the bundled software. However, it may be possible to recover the lost information by using a professional data recovery service company.

    IMPORTANT: Attempting to recover lost data using the bundled software or other software tools may decrease the chance of successful recovery by a professional data recovery service company.

    What is the Sony’s Policy on Hard Drive Data Recovery?

    Sony’s service agreement does not cover data recovery. If you need to extract important data from a failed hard drive, there are professional data recovery companies that can provide the service for you. There is a fee for the service and that fee is the sole responsibility of the customer.

    Before sending your hard drive out for data recovery, we recommend that you contact the Customer Experience Center at 888-476-6972 and speak with a customer service representative to attempt to determine the cause of the problem and arrange for replacement of the hardware, if necessary.

    Sony recommends DriveSavers® Data Recovery Services (

    The benefits include the following:

    • Recommended and Authorized. DriveSavers is authorized by Sony to open hard drives for data recovery service without voiding the original warranty.
    • Free Consultations. Call DriveSavers toll-free number (800-440-1904) to get help from an experienced Data Recovery Advisor.
    • Firm Estimates and Special Discount. Sony customers receive an automatic 10 percent discount on any DriveSavers service. Mention the Sony partner code DS80500 to receive the discount.

    NOTE: There are tips available  on how to help avoid data loss.