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How to access and use the Storage Sense feature.

    Computer users have the option to save music, pictures, apps, updates, and others things to either a hard drive, a removable drive, or storage media. To help you manage those storage spaces, Microsoft has created a feature called Storage Sense, which will allow you see the amount of space used, the amount of free space left, and the breakdown by category of what exactly is using the space of the selected storage location.

    Follow these steps to access the Storage Sense feature.

    1. Click the Start button, and in the Start menu, click Settings.


      NOTE: The Windows Logo + I key combination will also take you to the Settings screen.

    2. In the Settings window, click System.


    3. In the System window, on the left column, click Storage.


    4. In the Storage screen, click to select a storage location.

      Select a storage location

      NOTE: For this example we will choose the This PC (C:) storage location.

    5. Once you have selected the This PC (C:) storage location, the details of everything that is present on that storage location will be displayed.

      Storage Sense


      • It could take several seconds to display the results, depending on the size of the storage location and the amount of data present.
      • In the Storage usage screen, you can click an individual section to display more options and information regarding the content of that section.
      • For the This PC (C:) storage location, the System and reserved section displays information on how much space is need to run a specific System features properly and optimally.