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How to use the Rescue Data feature to back up data.

    If the operating system will not start, the Rescue Data feature of the VAIO Recovery Center can be used to copy data from the internal hard disk to an external hard disk drive, flash media drive, recordable Blu-ray® Disc, DVD or CD. Follow this procedure to use the Rescue Data feature.

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. As with any data backup and restoration software, it is not guaranteed that your data will be successfully backed up and restored. Depending on the importance of the data, other data recovery options are available .


    • The Rescue Data feature is not available on all computer models. To determine if it is available on your model, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the computer. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • The files backed up using the Rescue Data feature may not be usable unless they are restored using the VAIO Data Restore Tool .
    • Encrypted or copyrighted files may not be backed up or restored properly.
    • If you already have the Rescue Data window open, skip to step 3.
    1. Restart the computer and then at the initial VAIO screen, press the F10 key.


      • The Rescue Data feature also can be accessed by booting to the Recovery discs. To boot to the Recovery media, insert Recovery disc one and restart the computer.
      • If an Edit Boot Options screen appears, press the Enter key.
      • If a Windows Boot Manager screen appears, select VAIO Recovery Environment and then press the Enter key.
    2. In the VAIO Recovery Center window, under Choose a program, click Rescue Data.
    3. In the Rescue Data window, click the Start button.
    4. Read the information provided and then click the Next button.

      IMPORTANT: If an Important Notices window is display, skip to step 7.

    5. In the Sony End User License Agreement window, read and agree to the license agreement by clicking to select the I Agree option.
    6. Click the Next button.
    7. In the Precaution, Disclaimer or Important Notices window, read the information provided and click the Next button.
    8. In the Select How to Rescue Data window, click to select the desired option and then click the Next button.
      • Normal Data Rescue : This option rescues all data on the internal hard disk drive and saves it to a single external hard disk drive.
      • Custom Data Rescue : This option allows you to back up only specific files and choose the location where the data will be saved. The data can be saved to a hard disk drive, flash media, Blu-ray Disc media, DVD or CD.