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How to reinstall all applications that came with the computer without performing a recovery.

    Recovery DVDs are provided with this computer, and by default a Recovery Drive partition is not installed, so the VAIO Recovery icon in the Control Panel window is not functional. Follow this procedure to reinstall one or all of the bundled applications or original drivers using the Recovery DVDs.

    IMPORTANT: Do not interrupt the power during the recovery process.

    1. Close all open programs.
    2. Disconnect all network connections.
    3. Disconnect all peripheral devices.

      NOTE: If the computer uses an external DVD drive, plug in the drive according to the instructions in the VAIO User Guide.

    4. Insert Recovery DVD #1 into the DVD drive.
    5. From within the VAIO Recovery Wizard application, in the Reinstall Applications or Drivers window, click Next .
    6. Under Reinstall Applications or Drivers (Step 1 of 3) , on the Applications tab, click to select the box for any applications to be reinstalled.

      NOTE: Click to select all the boxes to reinstall all the applications originally bundled with the computer.

    7. Click the Drivers tab.
    8. On the Drivers tab, click to select any drivers to be reinstalled.

      IMPORTANT: Not all drivers listed can be completely restored in the operating system using this process. Other drivers, when selected for reinstallation, will be saved to the C:\Windows\Drivers folder. Take careful note of which drivers are fully installed by the on-screen instructions provided. Those drivers without any corresponding on-screen information must use the alternative procedure linked below.

    9. Click the Next button.
    10. Follow any on-screen instructions to complete the installation process for each application and driver selected.

      NOTE: If no on-screen instructions are displayed for a particular driver, the reinstallation process is completed using the Update Driver function in Device Manager.

    11. In the Reinstall Applications or Drivers (Step 3 of 3) window, click the Finish button.