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Notice about Missing Documentation - Supplier's Declaration of Conformity for the Conexant® Modem

    Thank you for purchasing a Sony VAIO® computer.

    This is a notification that the Supplier's Declaration of Conformity for the internal modem, which confirms your Sony VAIO computer modem is FCC registered and regulated, may be missing from the documentation for the following VAIO® computers models:

    • VGN-A790
    • VGN-FS635B/W
    • VGN-FS675P/H
    • VGN-S430P/S
    • VGN-FS620/W
    • VGN-FS640/W
    • VGN-FS680/W
    • VGN-S460/B
    • VGN-FS620P/W
    • VGN-FS645P/H
    • VGN-FS690
    • VGN-S460P/W
    • VGN-FS625B/W
    • VGN-FS660/W
    • VGN-FS690B
    • VGN-S470P/S
    • VGN-FS630/W
    • VGN-FS660P/W
    • VGN-FS690P

    IMPORTANT: Even if the declaration was not included with your model documentation, the Conexant® internal modem installed in your VAIO computer is FCC registered and regulated.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.


    Sony Electronics