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How to set up and use a messaging service or video editing software with the Motion Eye camera

    Some VAIO® computers come equipped with a built-in video capture device called the Motion Eye® camera. The Motion Eye camera lens and microphone are mounted on the upper LCD bezel and can be used as a webcam with several third-party messaging services for video conferencing, or video editing software for still or full-motion video image capture. Click to select one of the listed applications and follow the instruction provided.


    • To determine if your computer is equipped with a Motion Eye camera, check the computer's marketing specifications. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
    • The Motion Eye camera cannot be shared by different applications. If another software application is using the camera, exit that software before attempting to use camera with a different application.
    • Turning on the computer activates the Motion Eye camera, but launching messaging or video editing software does not necessarily activate the camera within that software. If you start an application and there is no video present, make sure the Motion Eye camera has been properly configured.
    • In order to have a successful video conference, the person you are calling must also have a webcam or video capture device, and must also have their messaging service software properly configured for video conferencing.