Article ID : S1Q0265 / Last Modified : 01/24/2019

Information about the Microsoft® Windows Vista® 64-bit Operating System for VAIO® Computers

    Known Issues

    One or more of the following issues may occur with VAIO® computers preloaded with the Microsoft® Windows Vista® 64 bit operating system. Please review the following information for a list of potential issues and resolutions.

    • There may be compatibility issues running your 32-bit application software on the Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit operating system. Some features and functions may not work correctly. Please check with the software vendor for possible updates designed for the Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit operating system.
    • Printer network sharing known issues:
      • Vista 64 host: Will not work.
      • XP host: Vista units will not connect.
    • You may find it difficult to obtain software applications that are written specifically for the 64-bit operating system. (Very few are written to fully utilize the 64-bit environment.)
    • VGP-UPR1: Not currently compatible.

    Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit Recovery Media: In order to accommodate those customers who would like to install the Windows Vista 32-bit version to replace the pre-installed Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit version of the operating system, Sony offers system recovery media specifically designed for your VAIO computer model. Please follow the link to complete the ordering process. Note that you will be charged for the system recovery media. Have your specific VAIO computer model information available when contacting Sony to expedite your order.

    To order the recovery media, contact the Sony Parts & Accessories Center: