Article ID : 00006944 / Last Modified : 08/23/2019

Wireless connection issues using the LAN-Express (Atheros) wireless network adapter

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    When using the internal LAN-Express (Atheros) wireless network adapter to connect to a wireless network, the following issues may occur:

    • Not able to connect to a wireless network after a long period of usage or after resuming from suspend or hibernation.
    • The LAN-Express wireless network adapter intermittently disappears from device manager or VAIO Smart Network.
    • The wireless network connection intermittently fails to connect, drops or loses connection.

    To resolve these issues follow the procedure below.

    1. Verify the physical wireless switch is turned on.
    2. Verify WLAN is enabled using the VAIO Smart Network application .
    3. Download and install the VAIO Smart Network Update and Marvell® Atheros® Extensible Wireless LAN Driver updates, both of which are available online.