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How long will DVD discs last?

    A typical DVD disc has an estimated life expectancy of anywhere from 30 to 100 years when properly stored and handled. How the disc is stored and handled will determine the longevity of the media. To obtain the maximum life expectancy, follow these guidelines:

    • Always handle a DVD disc by the outer edges, or center hole, to avoid fingerprints.
    • DVD discs should be stored in their jewel cases in a dry, cool area.
    • Make sure to keep dirt and other foreign objects away from the disc.
    • Avoid exposure to excessive heat and humidity or freezing temperatures. Temperatures should range from approximately 39 to 73-degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity should be approximately 40-50%.
    • Keep the DVD discs out of direct sunlight or ultraviolet light, as this may destroy your DVD disc.
    • It is recommended that DVD discs be stored vertically upright in their jewel cases as opposed to being stored horizontally over a long period of time.
    • Never bend the disc.
    • Adhesive labels are not recommended.
    • To mark a disc, use a non-solvent felt-tip permanent marker either on the label (if included on the disc) or in the data area of the disc.

    Following these guidelines will help you in achieving the longest possible life for your DVD media discs.