Article ID : 00028402 / Last Modified : 08/16/2015

Unable to connect to the Internet or view Web pages.

    Follow the procedure below to troubleshoot the Web page unavailable error or other Internet connectivity issues.

    1. Ensure the URL or web address is correctly spelled.
    2. Ensure there is an active connection to the Internet.


      • Some ISPs use applications to connect to the Internet which do not create a Dial-Up Networking Connectoid. If using one of these ISPs, manually connect to the Internet prior to starting other Internet applications.
      • To avoid connecting manually, the operating system can be configured to automatically connect to the Internet.
    3. Ensure firewall, anti-virus or anti-spyware software is configured properly. This software made need to be disabled or removed to troubleshoot the issue.

      WARNING: If firewall, anti-virus or anti-spyware software has been removed or disabled to troubleshoot the issue, Sony recommends enabling or reinstalling it to prevent exposure to malicious software. Once the software is enabled or reinstalled, configure it properly per the manufacturer's instructions to allow the Internet or network connection to work correctly.

    4. Reset the Web browser settings.


      • If you are using the Internet Explorer® browser, depending on the operating system you are using, choose one of the following procedures:
      • If you are using a different Web browser, consult the help files for instructions.
    5. If the Internet connection is normally established through a network, several issues may cause this error. The network administrator must be contacted for further assistance.
    6. The server at the URL requested, or an intermediate server through which the signal must be passed, is offline or not functioning correctly. Try to connect to another URL on a different server. If this works, try to connect to the original URL at a later time.