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The monitor displays a No Input Signal message.

    Follow this procedure to troubleshoot a No Input Signal message on the monitor.

    1. Verify that the monitor cable is securely connected to both the monitor and the video (VGA or DVI) connectors on the computer.

      NOTE: Some computers come with on-board video and a video card. If this is the case, ensure the monitor is connected to the appropriate video output. Refer to the operating instructions provided with the computer for additional model specific information. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    2. If the monitor has more than one input setting, switch the inputs on the monitor.
    3. Reset the computers BIOS to the default values.
    4. Connect the monitor to a different computer.


      • If the issue does not occur when the monitor is connected to a different computer, the problem is with the software configuration, video card, or other hardware of the originally connected computer.
      • If the monitor continues to display the No Input Signal message, the issue is either with the monitor or the monitor connecting cable and service may be required.  Go to Product Repair.