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How to wirelessly pair the keyboard with the computer.

    Follow these steps to wirelessly pair the detachable keyboard with the Tap 11 (SVT1121) computer.


    • This procedure must be performed while logged in as Administrator or to an account with Administrator rights.
    • Before attempting the pairing process, verify that the keyboard battery is fully charged.
    1. Move the keyboard power switch to the TOUCH PAD OFF position.Image
    2. Open the File Explorer .
    3. In the File Explorer window, browse to the C:\Windows\Drivers\EXE folder.
    4. In the C:\Windows\Drivers\EXE screen, double-click PAIRING_TOOL, and then click Pairing.
    5. When the Start Pairing message appears, press and hold the CTRL+Esc key combination, and then move the keyboard power switch to the On position.
    6. Once the pairing is complete, the Success to bind a KB message will appear.

    If the pairing process fails, repeat steps 1, 4 and 5 above to attempt the pairing again.