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Where to find the Windows operating system Certificate of Authenticity.

    A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or Product ID will never be required to setup, configure or use the Windows® operating system that was included with your computer, or to use the recovery media provided with or created from your computer. These computers utilize both a Universal ID specific to Sony® VAIO® computers which is integrated into the operating system, and the System Locked Preinstallation (SLP) feature which codes the operating system to the specific hardware included in the computer.

    IMPORTANT: The COA or Product ID are issued by Microsoft only for use with their products. Sony cannot provide a new or replacement COA or Product ID, should one ever be needed.


    • The Windows® 8 operating system COA or Product ID is injected into the computer BIOS during the manufacturing process. There is no sticker on the computer and no reference to this number in any documentation.
    • Prior to the Windows 8 operating system, the COA or Product ID was either located on a sticker on the computer or in the Windows User's Guide. This was for reference purposes only.
    • Only hardware, software, and drivers provided by Sony will be supported. Operating system support will only be provided for VAIO computers bundled with the original operating system, or that have a Sony supported operating system upgrade installed.
    • Support for a version of the Windows operating system other than the one that was originally included with the computer can only be provided by Microsoft. Sony cannot provide an activation code for any Windows operating system.