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How to complete the Custom Data Rescue option using a HDD or flash media device

    1. Connect the external HDD or flash media device.
    2. In the Save in Hard Disk Drive and flash media window, click to select the desired external hard disk drive or USB flash media where the data will be backed up. Image


      • If the external hard disc drive or flash media device is not available in the list, click the Refresh List button.
      • If you need to free up space on the drive you selected, click the Delete Unnecessary Files... button and then use the Delete Unnecessary Files window to delete the desired files.

    3. Click the Next button.
    4. In the Confirm Save Folder window, the current date is the default folder name where the rescued data will be saved. If you would like to change the folder name, click the Change Folder Name button, type the desired folder name and then click the OK button.


      • The backup folder is created in the root directory of the storage device.
      • The folder name cannot be the same as a folder that already exists on the storage device.

    5. Click the OK button.
    6. In the Specify Drive to Rescue window, click to select the internal hard disk drive you would like to back up and then click the Next button.
    7. A Rescue Data window is displayed that searches the selected drive for data which can be backed up.
    8. In the Specify Data to Rescue window, click to check the box next to the folders or files you would like to back up.


      • This window can be used like Windows Explorer. You can expand folders in the left frame and view contents in the right pane.
      • When you checkmark a folder, all subfolders and files in that folder will be backed up.
      • As you select additional folders, the Total size of rescue data: section is automatically updated.

    9. Click the Next button.
    10. In the Writing Data window, click the Start button.
    11. In the Rescue Data window, click the OK button.
    12. In the Data Rescue Completed window, click the Next button.

      NOTE: To view specific information about each file that was backed up, in the Data Rescue Completed window, click to select the drive from the list and then click the Details... button. An example of the Details windows is displayed below:

    13. In the Rescue Data window, click the Exit button and the computer will restart.


      • If you would like to back up additional data, click the Continue Rescue button and follow the on-screen prompts.
      • You can also start the entire process over again to back up additional data.

    When you are ready to restore the data, use the VAIO Restore Data Tool .