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After performing a clean install with a retail version of the Windows operating system, the Sony application software is no longer available.

    Performing a Clean Install with any retail version of the Windows operating system will upgrade the operating system, but also will remove and prevent the use of all Sony application software. Performing an Upgrade procedure will upgrade the operating system without removing the Sony application software.

    To regain the use of any of the Sony application software, you will first need to use the System Recovery discs to return the computer back to the original factory image. Once the original image has been restored, you can then use a retail version of the operating system to perform an Upgrade procedure instead of a Clean Install procedure.


    • If Sony System Recovery Media discs were not created before the clean install procedure was completed, System Recovery Media discs can be purchased through the Sony Store.
    • Due to contractual agreements, we are no longer able to sell the original Recovery Media discs for computers that ship with any operating system released prior to the Windows 7 operating system. If your computer shipped with an operating system released prior to Windows 7, please contact Best Buy for VAIO PC repair and recovery options at 1-800-433-5778.