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How to obtain operating system drivers, software updates, and utilities.


    • The level of support provided by Sony regarding an upgrade to the Windows XP operating system varies depending on the originally installed operating system.
    • Sony has developed the Windows XP operating system updates provided on the Sony PC Support Web site specifically for computers upgraded using either the recommended default upgrade installation method, or a clean install. Updates are not supported for dual boot configurations or installation of the Windows XP operating system on any drive other than the (C:) drive.
    • Download all updates in advance and save them to the hard drive for later installation.
    • To ensure the latest drivers and updates are viewable, refresh the browser window prior to downloading any drivers or updates.
    • All available updates, drivers, and utilities should be installed in the order listed.
    1. Go to the Sony eSupport Web site and download and install the desired driver, software update, or utility.
    2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install each individual driver, software update, or utility.