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What do I need to consider before upgrading the physical memory (RAM) on my computer?

    While the physical memory can be upgraded on most computers, the following factors must be taken into consideration in order to properly upgrade the physical memory:

    • Random Access Memory (RAM) module type and specifications
    • Motherboard RAM size and configuration limitations
    • Operating system limitations

    The RAM module specifications and Motherboard RAM size and configuration limitations can be found either in the Marketing Specifications or Manuals for the computer. Manuals are posted on your model support page.


    • Additional Windows® operating system limitations are available from the Microsoft website.
    • If the computer came with other than a Windows operating system, contact the operating system manufacturer for operating system limitation information.
    • Marketing Specifications and Manuals for Sony computers are available online. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    There are also several issues that can arise from the incorrect installation of additional memory, or the use of memory with the incorrect specifications, all of which could impact the performance of the computer. Among the symptoms of incorrect installation or inappropriate memory module use are:

    • The computer will not start (No boot, Blue Screen, etc.)
    • The additional physical memory is not detected
    • Slow performance

    If any of these symptoms occur immediately after installation of additional memory, remove the memory and check the performance again. If the performance returns to normal, it is possible that the modules were incorrectly installed or they do not meet the required specifications and are not appropriate for use. If the performance does not return to normal, it is possible that other components were loosened or disconnected accidentally when the memory was installed, or that physical damage has occurred. Contact a professional service provider for advanced troubleshooting.