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The computer locks up or Web pages load very slow while browsing the Internet.

    The computer can lock up or the pages will load very slow if the browser cache is full. Follow this procedure to clear the cache.


    • The cache is the location where the browser you use to navigate the Internet stores the Web pages you visit. For instance, if you visit, the browser software will save all of the images from all of the Sony Web pages that you view. This is done in order to speed up the display of those Web pages if they are ever visited again. This results in faster display time when revisiting Web pages. However, as you use the Web browser the size of the cache grows, resulting in an increase in the hard drive space required. If the cache is not cleared regularly, the hard drive usage of the cache can begin to affect system performance.
    • Before clearing the cache, scan for and remove any spy ware or virus files that may be present on the computer.

    Locate your browser of choice below for detailed steps in clearing the browser cache.

    NOTE: If the browser is not listed below, consult the desired browser help files.

    For Microsoft® Internet Explorer®:

    1. In the Internet Explorer window, on the menu bar, click the Tools icon. Image
    2. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
    3. In the Internet Options window, click the General tab.
    4. On the General tab, in the Temporary Internet files box, click the Delete Cookies button.
    5. In the Delete Cookies window, click the OK button.
    6. Click the Delete Files button.
    7. In the Delete Files window, click to select Delete all offline content.
    8. Click the OK button.
    9. In the Internet Options window, click the OK button.

    For Google® Chrome®:

    1. In the Google Chrome window, on the menu bar click Customize and control Google Chrome. Image
    2. Click Options.
    3. Click Under the Hood.
    4. In the Under the Hood window, click Clear browsing data next to Privacy option.
    5. In the Clear Browsing Data window, click Clear browsing data.

    For Mozilla® Firefox®:

    1. Click the Firefox icon. Image
    2. Click Options.
    3. In the Options window, click on the Privacy tab.
    4. Locate clear your recent history, and remove individual cookies.
    5. In the Clear Recent History window, click on the Time range to clear drop down arrow.
    6. Click Everything.
    7. In the Clear All History window, make sure there are check marks in all the check boxes and click Clear Now.
    8. In the Options window, click on remove individual cookies.
    9. Click Remove All Cookies.
    10. Click Close.