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This update is not intended for use with your computer model.

    This message might appear when attempting to install a driver or application from the Support website and the model number registered on the computer is incorrect. In some cases, the model number will be listed as Reserved.


    Perform the following procedure only if the model number listed in the computer Operating System is incorrect.

    1. Disable the User Account Control.

      NOTE: Adjusting the User Account Control feature varies depending on operating system

    2. Verify and rename the Model number by following the steps below.
      1. Click Start.
      2. Click Computer.
      3. Click Local Disk (C:).
      4. Click to open the Windows folder.


      5. Within this folder look for a .txt file named Model and click to open it.


        IMPORTANT: Before modifying anything, create a backup of the .txt file.

      6. Once the .txt file is open, within quotes you will find the model number, replace it with the correct one.
      7. On the Menu bar click File.
      8. Click Save As.
      9. Select the path where the .txt file is currently located.
      10. Click Yes on the Do you want to replace message.
      11. Attempt to install the driver or application again.

    NOTE: If two Model.txt files are listed, open the largest one.