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How to use the Program Compatibility Wizard.


    • The Windows® XP operating system compatibility wizard will assist in configuring an application for compatibility mode.
    • Any application or setup program on the hard drive, a floppy disk, or a CDROM or DVDROM disc can be configured using the wizard.
    • Compatibility mode settings for applications on floppy disk or CDROM or DVDROM discs are retained only until the program is closed. The compatibility wizard will need to be used each time the application is started.

    1. Click the Start button, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Program Compatibility Wizard.
    2. In the Help and Support Center window, under Program Compatibility Wizard, click the Next button.
    3. Click to select the desired method used to locate the program to be configured for compatibility mode.


      • If choose from a list of programs is selected, the operating system will search the hard drives and display a list of installed programs. Click to select the desired application from the Select a Program box and then click the Next button.
      • If use the program in the CDROM drive is selected, confirm that the correct CDROM or DVDROM disc is in the drive. The operating system will automatically select the appropriate setup, installation, or executable program on the CDROM or DVDROM disc.
      • If locate the program manually is selected, type the full path and name of the program to be used or click the Browse button to locate the program manually and then click the Next button.

    4. Click the Next button.
    5. If the application is designed specifically for an older version of the Windows operating system, click to select the appropriate operating system compatibility mode.

      NOTE: If no operating system compatibility mode is required, select the Do not apply a compatibility mode option.

    6. Click the Next button.
    7. If the application requires certain display settings, click to select the required display settings.


      • Run in 256 colors will change the color depth to 256 colors until the application is closed.
      • Run in 640x480 screen resolution will change the screen resolution to 640x480 until the application is closed.
      • Disable visual themes will prevent visual themes such as menu animations, drop shadows, and other operating system features from being applied to the program. This setting may resolve issues when application menus are not displayed correctly in the Windows XP operating system.

    8. Click the Next button.

      NOTE: A summary of the selected compatibility mode settings will be displayed.

    9. Click the Next button.

      NOTE: The compatibility wizard will start the application being configured. Verify that the application starts and functions normally, and then close the application.

    10. If the application worked correctly, click to select Yes, set this program to always use these compatibility settings.
    11. Click the Next button.

      NOTE: If the application did not function correctly, click No, try different compatibility settings to select different operating system and display setting compatibility settings.

    12. Click the Next button.
    13. The compatibility wizard will allow the user to send compatibility settings for the specific application to Microsoft. Click to select the desired response.
    14. Click the Next button.
    15. Click the Finish button.