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How to determine the version of the VAIO Care software.

    Use one of the following procedures to determine the VAIO Care™ software version number:

    • Check the splash screen while the software is loading.

      1. Close the VAIO Care software.
      2. Open the VAIO Care software.
      3. Before the application opens, a splash screen is displayed briefly that lists the version number. Image
    • Use the VAIO Care icon in the system tray.
      1. Open the VAIO Care software.
      2. In the system tray, click the up arrow button and then right click the VAIO Care icon. Image
      3. Click About VAIO Care. Image
      4. In the VAIO Care window, the version number is displayed. Image
    • Check the registry.
      1. Click the Start button and then in the Search box type: regedit
      2. In the Registry Editor window, navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sony Corporation\VAIO Care folder.
      3. The version number is listed next to Version. Image