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How to change the default search provider in the Microsoft Edge browser.

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    Follow these steps to change the default search provider in the Microsoft® Edge browser.

    1. From the desktop, click on the Microsoft Edge icon.

      Microsoft Edge icon

    2. In the Microsoft Edge window, click the More actions icon, and then click Settings.

      More actions - Settings

    3. On the SETTINGS screen, under Advanced settings, click the View advanced settings button.

      Advanced settings

    4. On the Advanced settings screen, scroll down and under Search in the address bar with, click on the drop down arrow, and then click Add new.

      Add New

      NOTE: The default search provider listed will be Bing (

    5. On the Add a search provider screen, click to select the desired search provider.

      IMPORTANT: Only search providers that support the OpenSearch standards will appear in the list of available search providers.