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What are the differences between Picture Motion Browser and PlayMemories Home?

    Below is a list of the new functions available with the PlayMemories Home™ software and the functions that were available in the Picture Motion Browser software that are not included with PlayMemories Home.

    IMPORTANT: If needed, the PlayMemories Home software can now be downloaded online. Downloads are posted on your model support page.

    New functions included in PlayMemories Home:

    • Wireless Image Transfer. You can upload and view images on the camera without having to import them to a computer.
    • 3D playback of videos on a computer in 3D.


      • Supported formats: MPEG-4, MVC/H.264 and AVCHD Ver.2.0.
      • System requirements: Windows® 7 operating system SP1 or higher, Intel® Core i5 or faster, NVIDIA® 3D VISION and its system requirements.
    • Destination drives and folders can be selected, including connected external storage media.
    • You can upload images or create a disc without importing them to the computer. Just connect the camera to the computer USB port.
    • Easy access to the information related to your camera including: links to product registration, product support, firmware updates, etc.

    Functions included in Picture Motion Browser that are not available with PlayMemories Home:

    • Face Search
    • One Touch Disc Burn
    • Movie Tracer
    • PMB Launcher
    • Video Disc Copier